Everybody has experienced the emotion of architectural design.

Successful design is only achieved through the gathering of great ideas.

Truly great ideas never just happen… they are created.

And architecture firms that encourage creative expression and foster an environment for perceptive design solutions, are those that most-successfully engage the emotions felt when space becomes place.



Pate Studio Architects is dedicated to responding to the unique challenges of today’s rapidly evolving world; a world where boundaries are continually stretching. The company’s business acumen is based on this simple premise. Inventive, relevant, unique and smart architectural solutions all begin with the spark of an idea. And from that idea, flourishes an energy that not only inspires the imagination, but is inherently infused with a dedication to provide their clients with value-driven, market-sensitive design. In other words, the vision of the architect must always be tempered with the ability to continually see the “big picture” with the expertise and responsibility demanded of a professional. And, the hallmark of any successful knowledge-based business is this… successfully executed projects are always the result of prudent thought and foresight, built upon a strong foundation of experience and knowledge.

With over 30 years of experience and leadership as a business owner, Theron Pate brings to the table, the proven talents and an exceptional record and reputation for providing inspired design, superior quality construction documentation and personal client attention with a strong emphasis on relationship-building. The success of his experience and knowledge is evident in a varied portfolio of accomplishments that features numerous award-winning projects and list of prominent clientele. His philosophy is one of forward-thinking unrestrained by traditional formulas, with a dedicated belief in a creative team approach where attentive communication is essential and a true interactive exchange of new ideas is encouraged. Result… a client-driven mission to be an integral partner in both the art and business of architecture.

Pate Studio Architects continues to be recognized for their contributions to the built environment through the conception and realization of their built works. It is through the research and collaboration of an array of designers and consultants tailored to the specific challenges of each individual project, that the PSA portfolio has grown to illustrate a passion for architecture, backed by an integrity of service and responsibility to their clientele.

People-Centric Architecture with intrinsic value… by design.

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